Hotelbiz Worldwide is part of the BizMode Group of Companies and has offices in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. It specializes in Hotel & Banquet Linen, Glassware, Chinaware, Food & Beverage accessories and Room Amenities.

Its parent company, BizMode Group of Companies, deals with markets in Asia, India, Africa and Europe, and with its extensive sourcing ability, has channelled all companies with the hospitality expertise to Hotelbiz Worldwide.

This has enabled HotelBiz to expand its supplier base to cater to its current and potential clients at competitive prices while still maintaining high quality standards.

We look forward to building a working relationship with you.

Some of the brands that we carry are:

Spring USA American Metal Craft Carlisle
Krosno Culinaire Orion
Wilmax FOH Dheensay
Beepee Group Thomas Ferguson Invariance
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